About FoCW Committee

The committee of the Friends of Colwick Woods (FoCW) are elected each year and, for 2020, consist of 3 Vice Chairs, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Membership Secretary.

Birds in local gardens


Birds in local gardens

While access to the woods are restricted to exercise only, and in couples or singly rather than groups, we thought it would be good to encourage people to send us photographs of birds from their gardens.

The first half dozen are from Helen and Richard Hill and feature greenfinches, robins, sparrows, goldfinches and a sparrowhawk.

If you have photographs of birds in your garden – or even photos that you took as you walked in the Woods – please send them to webadmin@friendsofcolwickwoods.co.uk and we’ll post them on the website.

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The Woods in April 2020


The Woods in April 2020

Mrs Comery sent us some wonderful photographs of the Woods during the particularly warm and sunny April when the use of the Woods was limited to exercise only.

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The Woods in April 20202020-07-09T20:06:04+01:00

Help track the effect of weather on local wildlife


Help track the effect of weather on local wildlife

The Woodland Trust are asking for our help to track the effects of weather and climate change on wildlife near you.

What effect has recent weather had on wildlife? Does climate change affect timings in nature? Join Nature’s Calendar and help scientists discover answers to these questions.

From leaf buds bursting to blackberries ripening, let us know what’s happening near you. You’ll be contributing to a long biological record that dates back as far as 1736.

There is space to record what you see on their blog and you can download a handy date range poster here to help remind you what species to look out for at different times of year.

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Update regarding Coronavirus


Update regarding Coronavirus

The wellbeing of our members and supporters is paramount therefore, in line with the new Government guidelines, the committee of Friends of Colwick Woods have taken the decision to pause all Friends activity which involves membership contact until the end of June.

Sadly, this will include our meeting on 14th April at BANCA.

We were going to ask members at the next meeting for their idea, thoughts and suggestions for Colwick Woods, and so as an alternative to face-to-face we now encourage their view via email to membership@friendsofcolwickwoods.co.uk.

We will update our Facebook page and our website, and will email those members who have provided us with an email address, with further information as and when the situation becomes clearer.

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Update regarding Coronavirus2020-07-09T15:26:28+01:00

Work Parties in the Woods are cancelled


Work Parties in the Woods are cancelled

Please note that the FoCW committee has agreed that, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, all work parties in the Woods have been cancelled.

Any work that is being carried out is not authorised by the Friends of Colwick Woods and therefore is not covered under our insurance policy.

If anyone asks you to join them working in the Woods, then please understand that this will be at your own risk. The Friends are not responsible for any accidents or injuries.

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Work Parties in the Woods are cancelled2020-07-09T15:26:49+01:00

Mosquitos in the Woods



We have received reports of mosquito bites while visiting the woods. 

We recommend you use mosquito repellent and mosquito proof clothing and avoid going into tall vegetation at dawn and dusk when mosquitos are most active. 

It’s been a challenge for our team and our work parties in the woods . Some people are genetically more susceptible to being bitten. Others don’t react badly for years and then something triggers them to react more.

There are lots of mosquitos around generally at the moment because of the heat, rain and humidity together. It’s something we can expect more of with global warming.

Also, the cold early spring may have reduced species that feed on mosquitos like bats, house martins, swifts, frogs and dragon flies.

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Easter Bunny Hunt


We had a wonderful time on Easter Monday (April 22nd) hosting our first Easter Bunny Hunt. Over fifty people took part in our hunt around the woods for different animals.

Back at the bowling green pavilion, we had drinks and cakes on sale, Easter egg hunts around the green, and various games for all ages.

Here’s hoping we can do the same again next year!

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Nottinghamshire Mammals Website


If you’re active in the study or recording of animals or would simply like to get involved with it in some way then the superb new website Nottinghamshire Mammals is the place to start your recordings and sightings.

Here is a note taken from their website… A major aim of the website is to encourage the recording of all mammal species in the county and to hopefully obtain enough information to produce a county mammal atlas in the future. Information on how to record is given on the mammal atlas page and whichever way you record you will also be contributing to the National Mammal Atlas Project organised by the Mammal Society.

If you feel like you would like to get involved or would like more information the visit the website of their Facebook page…. links below.

Nottinghamshire Mammals Website2019-04-28T16:45:27+01:00

Potential threat to Green Belt, Colwick Woods LNR.


Potential threat to Green Belt, Colwick Woods local nature reserve and public access. A planning application has been submitted by Nottingham Academy for a year 7 base building and associated works and car park following the demolition of the existing Greenwood Tree public house, Greenwood Road. We are considering the impact to the nature reserve ! Anyone wishing to pass their own comments / join in with our response or would simply like to be kept informed then please send us your contact email or other contact details. The twenty eight documents which include the proposed site plans can be found at link provided here.

Please send your comments or your contact details to……. focwpatholland@hotmail.co.uk Thank you.

Potential threat to Green Belt, Colwick Woods LNR.2019-04-28T16:44:37+01:00

Colwick Woods wins Green Flag Award


Keep Britain Tidy has announced a record-breaking number of award-winning parks and green spaces for 2014.

Colwick Woods is one of the very best in the UK – and that’s official.

The local nature reserve is among a record-breaking 1,476 parks and green spaces that will today receive a prestigious Green Flag Award.

The award, handed out by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, recognises and rewards the best parks and green spaces across the country. A Green Flag flying overhead is a sign to the public that the space boasts the highest possible standards, is beautifully maintained and has excellent facilities. Our flag is on order and will be put up soon.

Chair Richard Brown said “We are absolutely delighted to receive a Green Flag Award for the first time from Keep Britain Tidy.

“This Award recognises and highlights that people in Nottingham are benefitting from a green space of the very highest quality.”

Keep Britain Tidy’s Green Flag Award scheme manager Paul Todd said: “We are delighted to announce yet another record-breaking year for Green Flag Award parks and green spaces.

“A Green Flag Award provides national recognition for all the parks managers, staff and volunteers who, through their dedication and hard work, have helped to create these fantastic places for everyone to enjoy.

“Quality green spaces are a vital resource for communities and that is why it is so significant that we have given out more awards than ever before.”

Colwick Woods wins Green Flag Award2019-04-28T16:46:56+01:00